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Re: Different clients yield different results

At 10:26 AM 4/7/01 -0700, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
Please note that the poster was apparently using not one
piece of OpenLDAP software.  Such posts are clearly off-topic
and will be redirected.

Yes, I reviewed the email again, I didn't realize other software vendor's used slapd to name thier service as well.

We often discuss the use of non-OpenLDAP software with OpenLDAP
software on this list.  OpenLDAP is designed to work with other
LDAP implementations.  However, we also try redirect questions
in areas not specific to OpenLDAP to forums specifically chartered
to address these areas.

Every list is chartered for some purpose.  The primary purpose
of this list is to support users of OpenLDAP software.  Some
times the support provided is direction to a forum where the
user can get more specific answers from users more familiar
the particular software they are using.

There are folks who would prefer we did more redirection.
There are folks who would prefer we did less redirection.
That leads me to believe we're doing pretty much the right
amount of redirection.


I've just found that many of my issues concerning OpenLDAP and JNDI have never been responded to by OpenLDAP-software list members (whether due to workload or lack of interest). While I do see a great number of post pertaining to the interaction of OpenLDAP with other clients that are left unsupported or redirected as well. I've been to JNDI/LDAP dev. sites at both Sun and Netscape to attempt to deal with these issues, while these sites support the clients, no one really supports issue between the clients and OpenLDAP as they are attempting to focus primarily on their Server/Client interactions (in much the same manner as your site). I think client / server compatibility is where allot of major issues arise with LDAP. I think it would be very beneficial to have a site/list supporting this. I think there are enough issues out there to warrant the consideration of such a list. I think it would benefit OpenLDAP to support such a list. You would have the opportunity to explore compatibility issues in such a way as to improve the robustness of your software.

If this is deemed inappropriate, then I will seek resolution to such issues elsewhere. Perhaps on a Dejanews list of some sort.