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Different clients yield different results

Let me start off saing that I am an utter novice at LDAP and am writing in
hopes that some kind hearted soul can point me in a general direction.

I am running a small test environment using AEInc's NT implemntation of
SLAPD. On a standalone basis it is working just fine.This LDAP is being
used in conjunction with MDaemon Standard whichintegrates it's users into
 SLAPD using, (by default), an objectclass called MDaemonUser.

My problem is this,...under Outlook Express, I get successful name queries
for both manually enter names as well as those exportedby MDaemon.
However using Netscape or Pegasus client LDAP, I can find names
manually entered into SLAPD, however I cannotfind MDaemon users entered
 under the MDaemonUser objectclass.

This has me perplexed as as to why the different clients are giving me
different results and how can I level the playing field.

Many Thanks,