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Re: Different clients yield different results

While OpenLDAP is, in fact, responsible only for the interaction between slapd,slurpd and the OpenLDAP clients. There will always be issues arising that involve compatibility issues between OpenLDAP and other LDAP clients / libraries out on the market. Obviously, not everyone is going to use just your clients. That is the beauty of having a open specification for LDAP. However, one would expect you would like to at least know whether a product is compatible or incompatible with yours. I see this issue repeatedly on your lists, and I see you coldly and repeatedly rejecting any conversation pertaining to the issue. Please do not take my critique as flaming, I'm only stating my opinion. If OpenLDAP isn't compatible with other software clients out there, then the product will not be used, even if its free under a GNU license.

I would at least recommend that you open a new list pertaining to compatibility issues between OpenLDAP and other software, and allow those of us who have a greater interest in this issue to be involved with this list.

thank you,
Mark Diggory

At 06:26 PM 4/6/01 -0700, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 06:18 PM 4/6/01 -0600, openldap-g@bary1.org wrote:
>Let me start off saing that I am an utter novice at LDAP and am writing in
>hopes that some kind hearted soul can point me in a general direction.

<ldap@umich.edu> or forums specific to the applications you
are using.   This list is for discussing OpenLDAP software
and not one of the applications you mention are part of
OpenLDAP software distribution.