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sasl authentication errors

Trying to get sasl to work with openldap.

Compile ldap with
    ./configure \

Added  a user to /etc/sasldb using the saslpasswd command.

Tried to ldapadd:
    ldapadd -f add-manager  -I

Prompts me for the authorization id and then the autentication id. Put in the sasl password and
comes out with this error:

lda-_sasl_interactive_bind_s:  Un known error

Any help from the list would be appricated.

Barry W. Kokotailo
Senior Unix Systems Administrator
PGP =  71 71 96 A3 C0 C2 23 7A  23 4E D4 04 8C E0 42 6B  B0 2D D1 A5