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slapd won't start, no logs

I have had 2.X slapd running for some time and I then installed 1.X openldap
"over top".  I have had it running for awhile, but recently I killed it and
now I can't restart it.  When I execute the file it just does nothing.  It is
not running (no ps listing, can't connect to port) and no logging whatsoever
gets produced to the logfile.  I have confirmed that logging works as I can
see that when I killed the slpad process it logged and the last time that I
started it was logged as well.  The debugging level is set to -1.  I checked
that the libraries are linked in.  I am at a loss now as there are no error
messages either in the logs or after I run the command.  Any ideas?  If I was
on Solaris I could use truss to follow the sys calls...is there a similar thing
to do on linux?
much thanks!