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Re: sasl authentication errors

Hi Barry,

have you tested sasl before trying it out with openldap ?.
try the sample-server app to see what mechanisms are being
supported by sasl. if you get 0 supported mechanisms than
you will know where the problem is. if sasl doesn't work for
you, you can tell the list what configure options you have
used to build sasl with, and also where you have it installed.
a listing of the installation directory wouldn't be a bad
idea either.


Lucio Jankok

On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 01:43:43PM -0700, Barry W. Kokotailo wrote:
: Trying to get sasl to work with openldap.
: Compile ldap with
:     ./configure \
:     --disable-ipv6
:     --without-threads
:     --enable-spasswd
: Added  a user to /etc/sasldb using the saslpasswd command.
: Tried to ldapadd:
:     ldapadd -f add-manager  -I
: Prompts me for the authorization id and then the autentication id. Put
: in the sasl password and
: comes out with this error:
: lda-_sasl_interactive_bind_s:  Un known error
: Any help from the list would be appricated.
: --
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