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Re: invalid credentials

There is an entry in slapd.conf file which is called rootpw
against which one must specify the rootdn's password. So in the
ldapadd command you specify -w option along with the password
that is ldapadd ... -w "password" or the other approach is use
-W ( capital ) in which case when the command is executed, the
user is prompted for entering the password.

Anita Suriarajan wrote:
> Hi ,
>   Iam new to LDAP and iam trying to add new entries to my directory, but iam
> getting invalid credentials...i dont know how to go about it...
> Iam trying to add but its failing...
> #ldapadd -D 'dn=Anita Moses,dc=thriving,dc=com' -f /tmp/newentry.ldif
> Bind Password:
> ldap_simple_bind_s: Invalid credentials