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Re: Ldap Servers sharing same mount point

On Sat, 2 Dec 2000, Iddyamadom Santhoshkumar wrote:

> As part of setting up two ldap servers (for
> availability) we thought of setting up two machines
> with OpenLdap installed on both of them. Both "slapd"s
> point to the same database (same "directory" entry in
> slapd.conf in both machines). It is possible to do
> ldapsearch only on the machine where slapd is started
> first. On the other machine, ldapsearch gives
> "ldap_search: No Such object" . With detailed log, it
> seems the problem is ldbm_cache_open returns error 11,
> "Resource Temporarily Unavailable", while trying to
> open dn2id.gdbm

I don't think you can have two servers accessing the same backend database
like this. Perhaps it works with a SQL backend database but it is a
nightmare setup.

For multiple servers the replication daemon is the path to go.


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