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Re: facing problem with backsql

amol wrote:
what is this error
backsql_process_filter(): attribute 'uid' is not defined for objectclass 'qmailuser'
it is that you did not define a mapping for the LDAP attribute uid (that is, how to get corresponding data from RDBMS)

please _read_ the concept and install files, as I suggested already - they contain explanations on how does the back-sql work.

or is it ok ?
no it is not.
My slapd.conf is as this :

include  ./schema/core.schema
include  ./schema/cosine.schema
include  ./schema/nis.schema
include  ./schema/qmail.schema

by this, you have yor LDAP-side configured to use qmail schema. But don't forget that you have RDBMS side too - it has no knowledge about
new attributes you added in qmail.schema definition

If I use ldapadd, ldapsearch it works, but somehow when qmail calls openldap for authentication, it's showing this error. and use it not getting authenticated.

as you could notice when doing ldapsearch, you don't have uid attribute defined in your data (because you did not provide the mapping, and
back-sql has no information about how to get the data from your RDBMS). And since qmail requires this attribute - nothing works, not surprisingly.

WBW, Dmitry