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Re: openldap2.0-back-sql

suresh wrote:

> Hi
> I have set openldap2.0.x for qmail authentication with back-sql
> succesfully.I belive back-sql currently is not included in the stable
> release.
> I am trying to set up courier with openldap(with back-sql),but courier does
> not support 2.0.x
> (only 1.2.11 which does not have backsql)
> any suggestions?

1) you can use CVS to acquire old revision of back-sql which used to work with
1.x (see commit messages to determine 2.x changes)

2) probably, by "courier does not support 2.x" you mean that you client
program ("courier", whatever it does ;) does not support
LDAP v3, on which slapd 2.x is talking by default. then, AFAIK, you can force
slapd to talk LDAP v2 somehow but I'm not shure - please check guides, or ask
the list

WBW, Dmitry