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Re: delete, mainly recursive

Rostislav Matl wrote:
> ... so I added -x :
> >ldapdelete -D <DN> -w <password> -v <entry> -x
> ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
> ldap_bind: Inappropriate authentication
> So I'm not able to delete even one entry and I'd like
> to delete whole subtree under <entry>.
> Will someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong ?
> I've looked into documentation but found nothing.
> Some examples will be helpfull.

best to use a log level of 128 on the slapd server 
to track these down.  If you are using a DN other 
than the rootdn, make sure you actually have write permission

Also check the order of processing of command line args.
IIRC the <entry> should be the last argument (i.e not the -x
for a simple bind).

Cheers, jerry
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