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Re: Slurpd replication.

After going back again and looking through the archives, I have seen
threads where people will mention a multiple masters patch for
openldap-1.2.11. Could someone please direct me to this patch?
Evan Rohrkemper
Zoomtown.com / Fuse Internet Access
Systems Engineering

Jajati Samal wrote:
> Hi.
> So far there is no reply to Evan's mail and since I 'm faceing the same
> problem in replication I' m posting the problem again. Regarding the
> problem, any change happening in salve salpd does not notify to master
> slapd.  I'm running the master and slave slapd in Red Hat Linux 6.2.
> Following is my slapd configuration.
> master slapd.conf ( only related to slurpd)
> replica    host=< slave slapd IP >: 389
>                 binddn="cn=Manager,o=my-Org,c=US"
>                 bindmethod=simple
>                 credentials= secret
> replogfile /tmp/replogfile.log
> salve slapd.conf ( only related to slurpd )
> updatedn "cn=Manager,o=my-Org,c=US"
> updateref     ldap://<Master slapd IP>:389
> Note: rootdn of both master slapd and slave slapd are same and also same as
> the binddn of master salpd and the updatedn of the slave slapd . In both
> slapd .conf I have the write permission for both salpd.
> Am I still missing anything???  Making me correct will be appreciated....
> Thanking all of u
> Jajati
> Evan Rohrkemper wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I am attempting to setup a replicating LDAP directory between 2 machines
> > that will be running sendmail with LDAP mail routing. I have
> > successfully configured the replication from the master to the slave.
> > However, I am unable to get the slave directory to give an update
> > referral back. I have read the documentation and tried using the `update
> > ldap://master.domain.com' directive as well as `updateref
> > ldap://master.domain.com'. Neither of these directives made any
> > difference. You can still update the slave directory and it will just
> > silently take an update and not let the master know. I am running
> > openldap-1.2.11 (from source) on both machines on top of Redhat linux
> > 6.1 for the slave and 6.2 for the master. Am I missing some step? Am I
> > doing something wrong? Does anyone else have replication working
> > properly? What does your slapd.conf look like for the slave?
> > Thank you in advance...