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Re: Slurpd replication.

So far there is no reply to Evan's mail and since I 'm faceing the same
problem in replication I' m posting the problem again. Regarding the
problem, any change happening in salve salpd does not notify to master
slapd.  I'm running the master and slave slapd in Red Hat Linux 6.2.
Following is my slapd configuration.

master slapd.conf ( only related to slurpd)

replica    host=< slave slapd IP >: 389
                credentials= secret
replogfile /tmp/replogfile.log

salve slapd.conf ( only related to slurpd )
updatedn "cn=Manager,o=my-Org,c=US"
updateref     ldap://<Master slapd IP>:389

Note: rootdn of both master slapd and slave slapd are same and also same as
the binddn of master salpd and the updatedn of the slave slapd . In both
slapd .conf I have the write permission for both salpd.

Am I still missing anything???  Making me correct will be appreciated....

Thanking all of u

Evan Rohrkemper wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am attempting to setup a replicating LDAP directory between 2 machines
> that will be running sendmail with LDAP mail routing. I have
> successfully configured the replication from the master to the slave.
> However, I am unable to get the slave directory to give an update
> referral back. I have read the documentation and tried using the `update
> ldap://master.domain.com' directive as well as `updateref
> ldap://master.domain.com'. Neither of these directives made any
> difference. You can still update the slave directory and it will just
> silently take an update and not let the master know. I am running
> openldap-1.2.11 (from source) on both machines on top of Redhat linux
> 6.1 for the slave and 6.2 for the master. Am I missing some step? Am I
> doing something wrong? Does anyone else have replication working
> properly? What does your slapd.conf look like for the slave?
> Thank you in advance...
> --
> Evan Rohrkemper
> Zoomtown.com / Fuse Internet Access
> Systems Engineering
> 513.607.9899