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[Fwd: migrating data from 1.2 to 2.0]

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"J. Cameijo Cerdeira" wrote:

> What's the preferred way to migrate the data? I've an 85 meg id2entry file
> and a lot of indexes and it turns out that it takes almost three days to
> reconstruct the whole thing with slapadd (sigh). shall I import the ldif data
> first and create the indexes afterwards?

I guess you should do a /usr/sbin/ldbmcat -n of your file
(ldbmcat works with OpenLDAP 1.x), then a slapadd of the
LDIF file resulting from ldbmcat. Note that slapadd replaces
ldif2ldbm for OpenLDAP 2.0

Bye, Pierangelo

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