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migrating data from 1.2 to 2.0


I've upgraded openldap to version 2.0.1 hoping that, regarding the ldbm backend,
it would be datawise compatible to 1.2. It doesn't seem to be so since pre 2.0
releases used a text file NEXTID to hold the next id and now this file was
renamed to nextid.dbb and has a db-tree format. Anyway i still tried to run
slapd against a directory created with 1.2 but with no result. slapd cannot see
any data and ldapsearch allways returns nothing, although slapcat seems to grok
the old dbb files.

What's the preferred way to migrate the data? I've an 85 meg id2entry file
and a lot of indexes and it turns out that it takes almost three days to
reconstruct the whole thing with slapadd (sigh). shall I import the ldif data
first and create the indexes afterwards?

i'd appreciate any insights