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Re: Why?


> BTW, I've tried to set up PAM LDAP authentication, but it does not works ..
> :(
> When I put the login , it asks me for a password, and then a LDAP password
> :?

Try giving the option "use_first_pass" to the LDAP-PAM-Module. But
this is something PAM-specific and shouldn't probably be discussed

The LDIF-entry you've posted, also contains another problem:

userPassword: {crypt}$1$xxb015.t$82nccnBPZbYxYgunoshP91

This is almost certainly not a "crypted" password, but one using the
MD5-algorithm. So it should read:

userPassword: {md5}$1$xxb015.t$82nccnBPZbYxYgunoshP91

Or even better: Have a look at


The details are discussed there and you'll also find some
recommendations on using passwords in LDAP.