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Re: Why?

At 10:20 PM 7/27/00 +0200, Stephan Krings wrote:
>The LDIF-entry you've posted, also contains another problem:
>userPassword: {crypt}$1$xxb015.t$82nccnBPZbYxYgunoshP91

This may or may not be valid.  It depends upon your implementation
of crypt(3).  On many systems, crypt(3) supports a variety of
algorithms.  The '{crypt}' userPassword scheme supports whatever
crypt(3) supports as that what it uses internally.

>This is almost certainly not a "crypted" password, but one using the
>MD5-algorithm. So it should read:
>userPassword: {md5}$1$xxb015.t$82nccnBPZbYxYgunoshP91

This is NOT an RFC2307 '{md5}' password and will not work.
(The fact that the passwd(5) value may be generated using
MD5 does not make the value compatible with RFC2307 scheme).