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Beginner need some help


	I am new user of OpenLDAP.  I need some help for
schema/entity/attribute construction.

I found there are files called "slapd.at.conf" and "slapd.oc.conf"
which define some attributes and objectclass.  I found there are a
lot of attributes in "slapd.oc.conf" which can't be found in
"slapd.at.conf", is this OK?

Does slapd has some "built-in" attribute and objectclass?

Does any standard attribute definition existed which I MUST follow?

Does any standard object class existed which I MUST follow?

I also heard about inherent, can I create a new schema which inherited
	some existed schema?

How can I create a "container"?  How slapd knows that "c", "o" and
	"ou" are containers?

Thanks.  And sorry if I didn't ask a right question, I still don't
have a right picture of LDAP stuff ...

				Kuang-chun Cheng