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RE: LDAP-Authentication for MacOS?

>In general, MacOS X should heavily resemble FreeBSD, so it may help if
>you follow the lines of support for LDAP in FreeBSD.

There is preliminary support for PAM in MacOS X which you
can check out from the Libraries/Other/pam repository from
cvs.publicsource.apple.com. I haven't yet ported pam_ldap
to MacOS X but it shouldn't be too hard.

Additionally, Rhapsody (and thus MacOS X) was one of the
first operating systems to support RFC 2307 for retrieval
of UNIX account information from LDAP. There is information
in Apple's Technical Information Library on configuring
this; alternatively, look at the LDAPAgent code in

Finally, we're working on an OpenLDAP backend that can
either share an on-disk database with NetInfo or connect
to a remote NetInfo server. (NetInfo is the native
directory service on MacOS X.) We anticipate that this
will be a commercial product.


-- Luke

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