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Re: Beginner need some help

At 10:49 AM 7/10/00 +0800, Kuang-chun Cheng wrote:
>I found there are files called "slapd.at.conf" and "slapd.oc.conf"
>which define some attributes and objectclass.  I found there are a
>lot of attributes in "slapd.oc.conf" which can't be found in
>"slapd.at.conf", is this OK?

Yes. OpenLDAP 1.x defaults all unlisted attributes to 'cis'.

>Does slapd has some "built-in" attribute and objectclass?

No.  But it does make a number of assumptions regarding the
provided schema.  Best not to muck with it... excepting via

>Does any standard attribute definition existed which I MUST follow?

You don't have to follow standards if you don't want to... but
I wouldn't advise such.  I suggest you use standard track
schema whenever possible.  This is normally defined by RFC
and/or ITU X.500 documents.

>Does any standard object class existed which I MUST follow?

Same answer as above.

>I also heard about inherent, can I create a new schema which inherited
>        some existed schema?

Yes. But you must manual expand the schema definition as the
config files don't support 'superior' declarations.

>How can I create a "container"?  How slapd knows that "c", "o" and
>        "ou" are containers?

It doesn't care...  I suggest you use organizationalUnit object
class as a generic container.