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Login in with LDAP

I am new to LDAP and I have been asked to move your linux machines from login in to NIS to login in to LDAP.

The problem that I am having is there is little documentation on how to do this.  How do I force my Linux box to log in to the LDAP server.

I am running the newest version of Openldap for linux.  The server is Debian and the client is RedHat.

I have installed the Pam_ldap and Nss_ldap RPMs on the RedHat box and I have edited the nsswitch.conf file, and the pam.conf file.

I have even installed the ldapconf module for linuxconf.  And have verified that I am pointing to the Server. and the Base.

I have set a password for the user in ldap.

Do I need anything else running?

Can I use NIS and LDAP until all clients are switched over to LDAP?

I read something about using ypbind with ldap is this true or possible?

Your help will be appreciated!!