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Re: ldapadd question

> I have a Unix shell script that runs ldapdelete, ldapadd, and ldapmodify
> to update user entries on Openldap.  I am passing files generated ahead
> of time to each of these utilities to sync everything up with an
> external data store.  Each of these files is in slapd.replog format with
> the "replica: host:port", and "time:" lines up top.  Everything works
> fine under Openldap.
> Recently I decided to point these utilities at a Netscape Directory
> Server instance (version 3.0) to test and make sure they would perform
> the same way as in Openldap.  I keep getting this message:  "(LDAP
> host/port does not match replica: lines)".  I thought maybe the replica
> line was invalid but with the execption of the server instance I am
> running (Openldap vs. Netscape) everything is identical.
> Does Netscape not support slapd.replog format, or have I miss-configured
> something on the Netscape side ?  If anybody has any ideas I would
> greatly appreciate the assistance.
> Thanks - Tod

Get rid of the replica and time lines.  You can also generate a single
file, and pass it to ldapmodify, as it will handle deletes, adds, and
updates.  This will simplify your file generation and make your tool
standard such that Netscape Directory Server should take it.