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Re: Outlook Express 5.0 and OpenLDAP

Yes!  That's got it, thank you very much....now there is only two other
small issues...it doesn't seem to be pulling email adresses(which is not
that big of a deal with my mail server, since it autorecognizes local
email addresses from the users name) and I would like it to
"automagically" pull up the entire list when I go into the address
book(the LDAP server is going to be the default directory).  It pulls it
up now, when I do a seach under "cn=*" but I'd like to see the list
straight away.


Frank Matthiess wrote:
> Tuesday den 22.02.2000 um 20:59 CET  +0100, schrieb Chris Readle:
> > Feb 22 14:54:19 server slapd[2311]: conn=38 op=0 BIND dn="" method=128
>                                                         ^^^^^
>                             Do you make an anonymouse search?
> And if so: Do you set the proper acl´s to fullfill ther reques to fullfill
> the request?
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