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Re: slapd grows without bounds

At 09:25 PM 2/21/00 -0500, Dave H wrote:
>Well, you're right... I should have confirmed this. Compiling
>with --without-threads definitely causes slapd to behave
>the way it should. The question remains... what now?

>Something is definitely broken. Is this an Openldap
>problem or a FreeBSD problem (or both)?

Are you using FreeBSD uthreads or FreeBSD LinuxThreads?
If using LinuxThreads, use uthreads.

In the past, OpenLDAP on FreeBSD 3.x releases have been rock
solid.  Note, however, that FreeBSD 3-STABLE and 4-CURRENT
have both undergone significant change in their uthread
subsystem.  Apparantly one of these changes has induced a
leak, likely a thread leak.  To sort out the exact cause
(and the cure) will require further investigation.  Given
that the leak appears to be significant in size, it should
be fairly easy to find using common diagnostic tools.

>Even if it's just a matter of tweaking something at compile
>time, the solution should find it's way into the docs.

Well, the first thing I suggest you do is make sure you
have the latest FreeBSD-3.4-STABLE installed.  My quick
tests against 3.4-STABLE uthreads and OpenLDAP running
on 3.4-STABLE uthreads have all not shown leakage.