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Re: No such Object

At 08:48 PM 2/15/00 -0800, William Green wrote:
>Not for bulk loads I hope.  ldif2ldbm is very fast-- ldapadd in comparisson 
>is very slow.

That's because ldapadd does more than ldif2ldbm.  ldif2ldbm does
no checking of input.  If the input is flawed, the database
will be flawed.

>I can add my 70K records with ldif2ldbm in 1 hour 45 minutes 
>compared with nearly 42 hours using ldapadd.  cachesize and dbcachesize are 
>set appropriately and there is plenty of RAM to spare.

Try disabling write sync and using a RAM disk for DB
during the ldapadd.  After ldapadd finishing, shutdown
slapd, move the DB to a hard drive, reenable write sync,
restart slapd.