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No such Object

Hello all, I'm new to the list so bear with me.

I was having the same problem as described in the archives with this same title as the thread. I'm using Openldap (stable) on SunOS 5.7, and everything seems to be running correctly.

Several times now I have used ldif2ldbm to populate the database, but every time I try and do a search, I don't get anything. I have tried slight variations on this, but the commands I'm using is:

ldapsearch -h localhost -p 1029 -b '
dc=hitchcock,dc=org' 'cn=Angus'

Following the suggestions from those posts, I have double-checked my settings in slapd.conf and recreated the database and indexs.

The same thing happens when using ldbmtest. I can't locate anything by index, but I can do a 'le' (lookup by index), type in a number and get that entry, so it looks like the database is working at least.

Any suggestions? TIA

Steve Cochran
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center