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No such Object

Stephen A. Cochran writes:
 > I was having the same problem as described in the archives with this
 > same title as the thread. I'm using Openldap (stable) on SunOS 5.7,
 > and everything seems to be running correctly.
 > Several times now I have used ldif2ldbm to populate the database, but

several posts to this list caution against populating the database
with ldif2ldbm; ldif2ldbm is intended to restore data dumped with

the more reliable way to add data from an ldif file is 
to use ldapadd (see the manpage).

 > every time I try and do a search, I don't get anything. I have tried
 > slight variations on this, but the commands I'm using is:
 > ldapsearch -h localhost -p 1029 -b '
 > dc=hitchcock,dc=org' 'cn=Angus'

you're sure there is an entry with such an attribute,value pair?

Bill Anderson
Xerox Research & Technology