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Re: ldap-clients for testing

Frank Matthiess wrote:
> Monday den  3.01.2000 um 14:49 CET  +0100, schrieb Mikael:
> > I would like to get hold of some (free) ldap clients to be able to test
> > my ldap server.
> Whats with your NetScape Messenger you written the initial mail?
> Or the Outlook Express?
> Or Outlook 08 with the additional ldap module (on the original ol98 cd)

These "LDAP clients" are suitable for searching e-mail addresses in
person entries. They're completely useless if you want to browse the
LDAP tree, add/modify/delete entries, etc.

Also Netscape Messenger and Outlook are quite buggy regarding NON-ASCII

Ciao, Michael.