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OpenLDAP 1.2.7 crashing


Thanks for your help on my previous problems. I have it running OK now
and I even have Unix using LDAP to authenticate.

The only problem I currently have is that slapd crashes at irregular
(but frequent) times. It doesn't take me long to work out that there is
a problem, as the only things that I know work are cat and ls. If I run
ps, for example, I get the first line of ps output and that's it. If
I run 'halt', it just waits. I have to killall -9 slapd and then all
processes resume.

I have my nsswitch.conf file using files then ldap for passwd, shadow
and group. I had the server running with -d 255 (a little excessive) for
a while, which didn't turn up anything (no errors anyway).

Apart from that OpenLDAP is looking quite good and I'd like to use it on
one of our servers.

Any suggestions as to why it dies?