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Re: OpenLDAP Performance

> I'm currently using OpenLDAP on RedHat Linux 6.1 (Kernel 2.2.12)
> and am doing some performance testing.
> I came across an issue when remote hosts had in the region of 1000 
> simultaneous connections with our test box. Slapd just
> dropped from the process table with the last log entry being
> that no more files could be opened. I've tweaked the parameters
> for this kernel to up the file limits, but the same issue occurred.
> I've taken a quick (very quick ;) look through the source and can't see
> where file handles may be left trailing, or how the slapd may require so
> many files to be open. We upped the limits to ~16,000.

is it possible it is due to the cache size?
I believe that can be limited in your slapd.conf.

I may be COMPLETELY wrong here but I thought its possible.