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Re: OpenLDAP Performance

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999 rik.wade@theplanet.net wrote:

> I came across an issue when remote hosts had in the region of 1000 
> simultaneous connections with our test box. Slapd just


There's a bug in NT that causes connections to be held open indefinitely.
This is Bad with apps like LDAP that tend to open and close connections
quickly. Service Pack 5 fixes it. There is no supported fix for the problem
on Win95/98.

Are you running the current version of OpenLDAP? I remember talk about
adding a connection timeout to protect us from Microsoft's bug. Is this
only in -devel?

> for this kernel to up the file limits, but the same issue occurred.
> I've taken a quick (very quick ;) look through the source and can't see
> where file handles may be left trailing, or how the slapd may require so
> many files to be open. We upped the limits to ~16,000.

A TCP connection is an open file. Install lsof if you want more info.
Rich Graves <rcgraves@brandeis.edu>
UNet Systems Administrator