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OpenLDAP Performance

I'm currently using OpenLDAP on RedHat Linux 6.1 (Kernel 2.2.12)
and am doing some performance testing.

I came across an issue when remote hosts had in the region of 1000 
simultaneous connections with our test box. Slapd just
dropped from the process table with the last log entry being
that no more files could be opened. I've tweaked the parameters
for this kernel to up the file limits, but the same issue occurred.
I've taken a quick (very quick ;) look through the source and can't see
where file handles may be left trailing, or how the slapd may require so
many files to be open. We upped the limits to ~16,000.

Is there any documentation of OpenLDAP testing/benchmarking, or known 
limitations to which I could refer? If this isn't a known issue, any ideas 
as to possible solutions would be very much appreciated.

rik wade
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