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Re: InetOrgPerson

I need help too! I have been waiting and waiting for
some answers on how to define object classes and attributes.

Gathering from your message, objectclasses along with the "require"
and "allow" attributes are defined in the slapd.oc.conf file and the
attributes along with their details such as "cis" are defined in slapd.at.conf

Does that mean that if I want to use an objectclass in LDAP which I cannot f
defined in these two slapd.*.conf  files then I have to add them?? 
In my case, I want to use the"inetLocalMailRecipient" objectclass 
along with the "mailLocalAddress", "mailHost" and"mailRoutingAddress"

Thanks! Sorry for asking more questions instead of giving answers!

At 17:49 99/11/16 -0800, you wrote:
> >
> > >I'd appreciate if
> > >someone can send me a copy of slapd.*.conf
> > >which have been tested to be working and
> > >including the InetOrgPerson object class.
> >
> >Be sure to obtain OpenLDAP/U-Mich compatible
> >slapd.*.conf files....
> That's precisely the point. I appreciate the replies
> that I got thus far. Some suggested me to look into
> slapd.oc.conf and make a few mods there. Fair, no
> harm trying. But I have already tried that and believe
> me it is certainly more than just that file. There
> are many other attributes in inetOrgPerson not found
> in the fault slapd.at.conf. Furthermore, when things
> are not working, you don't know to blame your mods or
> other things, which is my current dilemma.
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