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Re: InetOrgPerson

Thanks Kurt.

I was just wondering as to what the slapd.*.conf files are. Taking
a look at the slapd.oc.conf files shows a list of objectclasses with
attributes. What bothers me is that the objectclass
"inetLocalMailRecipient" from the above-mentioned draft is not 
listed. Does that mean I need to do extra configuring?? 

At the moment I have schemacheck "off" but in the future I will have it "on". 
I understand that
with schemacheck "on" you define your schema in slapd.conf, so what is
slapd.*.conf ??   I believe that with custom objectclasses they need to be
defined (how and where I do not know), seeing that "inetLocalMailRecipient" is
not a custom objectclass so I can go right ahead and use it?! Correct?Wrong?

For reference purposes:
The draft on Intranet Mail Routing is at:

At 17:12 99/11/16 -0800, you wrote:
> At 09:53 PM 11/15/99 PST, Dave Whitetaker wrote:
> >
> >For whatever reason I'm stucked with a client
> >software which need to have the object class
> >InetOrgPerson configured.
> The specifications for InetOrgPerson are currently
> published as Internet Draft and as such should only
> be used in experimental environments.
> The latest draft can be found at www.ietf.org.  Search
> for inetorgperson.
> >I'd appreciate if
> >someone can send me a copy of slapd.*.conf
> >which have been tested to be working and
> >including the InetOrgPerson object class.
> Be sure to obtain OpenLDAP/U-Mich compatible
> slapd.*.conf files....
> Kurt
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