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Re: Backing up LDAP database

Lars Uffmann wrote:

> I use openldap version 1.2.6 amd BerklyDB ( I still have to upgrade).
> ldbmcats output IS not in the right order.

Don't let that puzzle you, it's alright.  The ldif2* tools will live
with that.  Anyway, upgrade to 1.2.7, it is fixed there, not sure for
1.2.7.  Also get a recent BDB like 2.7.5.

At some time in the past, it seemed that ldbmcat would produce the
entries in ID order and the ldif2* tools still had assumptions about
that.  In fact, some of those tools had problems even if there were
holes in the ID sequences (as could happen with deleted entries).

It is common now that the entries are not dumped ordered anymore.
The ldif2* tools have been fixed to live with that and we think
there are no remaining errors in that section.

Is is a fact, however, that parsing and dealing with the entry ID
is done independently by each tool, a state of affairs that can
only be described as "fragile".  The development versions of
OpenLDAP use, partly because of this, a completely different approach.

> Also, after processing the last entry, ldbmcat segfaults.

Well, we may be here onto something.  Can you give more info?