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Re: Backing up LDAP database

Lars Uffmann wrote:
> This is exactly what I tried. But what about the ordering problem with
> ldbmcat? ie if the database has more then 256 Entries, ldbmcat swaps
> it output, the entries are in wrong order! The result is not usable as
> input to ldif2ldbm.

Have you tried it?  With a recent version?  There were old bugs in
database creation tools that created problems (some indexes would be
hosed and NEXTID would not be set up properly).  I killed those bugs
months ago.  All current branches are supposed to be fixed (2-0 alpha
uses a different approach now).  I don't know for how long that part
was broken, possibly was broken in the Umich code base already.  So
you might be used to *know* it did not work.

> I still do backups using a subtree search with
> '(objectclass=*)' filter.

Problem is you will start losing operational attributes if you keep
that approach in 2.0 when it is released.