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Re: Backing up LDAP database

Julio Sánchez Fernández wrote:
> Lars Uffmann wrote:
> > I use openldap version 1.2.6 amd BerklyDB ( I still have to upgrade).
> > ldbmcats output IS not in the right order.
> Don't let that puzzle you, it's alright.  The ldif2* tools will live
> with that.  Anyway, upgrade to 1.2.7, it is fixed there, not sure for
> 1.2.7.  Also get a recent BDB like 2.7.5.
> At some time in the past, it seemed that ldbmcat would produce the
> entries in ID order and the ldif2* tools still had assumptions about
> that.  In fact, some of those tools had problems even if there were
> holes in the ID sequences (as could happen with deleted entries).

Doesn't ldif2ldbm needs ordered input (-n option to ldbmcat) while
ldif2index needs entry IDs before each entry ? I experimented a lot
with this tools, but
  ldbmcat id2entry.dbb > ldif
  ldif2index -i ldif -f slapd-con
did not worked for me. However, generating attribute index files worked

> It is common now that the entries are not dumped ordered anymore.
> The ldif2* tools have been fixed to live with that and we think
> there are no remaining errors in that section.

I will soon test 1.2.7 and give you feedback.

> Is is a fact, however, that parsing and dealing with the entry ID
> is done independently by each tool, a state of affairs that can
> only be described as "fragile".  The development versions of
> OpenLDAP use, partly because of this, a completely different approach.
> > Also, after processing the last entry, ldbmcat segfaults.
> Well, we may be here onto something.  Can you give more info?

BDB version is 2.7.5 (04/18/99).
There has been an ITS for this problem, which I could not find anymore.
Maybe it has been closed. The problem is at the end of ldbmcat.c,
it segfaults when calling 'ldbm_datum_free( dbp, last );' the last time.

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