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Re: parent does not exist ? (ITS #284)

> From:    "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org>
> To:      Giri Raichur <gzzr@lanl.gov>

> 1) disabling write sync (dbcacheNoWsync on)

1.5) turn off all indexing

> 2) use a ram disk
> a) start slapd with directory set to ram disk
> b) run ldapadd
> c) stop slapd

c.3) dump the database with ldbmcat
c.7) turn indexing back on and manually create all indexes using ldif2index

> d) move directory to hard disk and reconfig as needed
> e) start slapd

Using this technique, I load the our entire database of 220000 entries
in approximately 1 hour, and index everything in 2.5 hours.  Without
any optimization, the load does not complete within 48 hours.