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Re: U-MICH LDAP C API code to handle referrals.

At 06:29 PM 9/10/99 -0700, sanjay jain wrote:
>   I am seeing some problems in the referral handling code
>   in the U-Mich LDAP C API library code.

I suggest trying OpenLDAP 1.x.  It's U-Mich LDAP C API compatible
and actively maintained.

>   In libldap/request.c, in re_encode_request() new request is
>   constructed using ber_printf() call followed by a
>   ber_write() call followed by a ber_printf() call.  I think
>   mixing ber_printf()s and ber_write() does not create correct
>   request.

Though the construct I believe you are referring to is a
bit obtuse, the construct appears to be correct.

>   I was wondering if openldap has fixed this problem.

I'm not sure what the problem is.   We've certainly fixed
a number of things with referral handling.  You can easily
compare the OpenLDAP 1.2 and U-Mich revisions of request.c
using our CVS web interface:


>   Was this a problem or is my observation wrong ?

I don't believe this construct to be wrong... but then
again, I don't known what the actual problem is.   Again,
try OpenLDAP 1.2 and if you have problems, post a description
of the behavior you observe (including server log details,
preferably with BER debugging enabled) plus whatever code
analysis you willing to offer.  If you believe you found an
actual bug with OpenLDAP, please file a report using our
Issue Tracking System (http://www.openldap.org/its/).