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[Fwd: Tantalizingly close . . .]

Subject: Tantalizingly close . . .


Congratulations to the OpenLDAP Project - - I am very impressed by what
I have seen so far! - - but I have a question . . .


I have recently downloaded, extracted, compiled and installed OpenLDAP
ver 1.2.6 on Linux RedHat 5.1. All went very smoothly and exactly as
documented.   I then started up slapd and can see it that is is running.


My problem is I can not add a record to the database using ldapadd.
After entering the password from the slapd.conf file at the LDAP
password prompt, I get the message:

    ldap_bind: No such object

When I set the -vn switch I receive the message:

    !adding new entry

so I think the ldif record contains the correct syntax.

What am I missing? I feel like I am very close to getting it up and
running but I'm bumping into a 'virtual wall'. 

Any help/ideas would be very much appreciated.


Jim U'Ren
KM Standards Working Group Lead
Jet Propulsion Laboratory