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Re: parent does not exist ? (ITS #284)

Giri Raichur wrote:
> I am a little confused. I have more than 15K entries. The Slapd Admin
> Guide recommends using
> index generation tools such as ldif2ldbm for creating large number of
> entries. because ldapadd takes
> a long time to rebuild.

You can use ldif2ldbm but then YOU are responsible to ensure the input
in correct.  ldif2ldbm does no data consistency checks. ldif2ldbm will
not stop you from loading bad data into your database.  Once bad data
is load into the database, slapd behavior is undefined.

ldif2ldbm should only be used to load LDIF files which are known to
be correct.

Yes, ldapadd is much slower.  There are a few tricks to improve ldapadd
speed during building of a new directory.

1) disabling write sync (dbcacheNoWsync on)
2) use a ram disk
	a) start slapd with directory set to ram disk
	b) run ldapadd
	c) stop slapd
	d) move directory to hard disk and reconfig as needed
	e) start slapd