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Re: Nobody her who has setup ldap on alpha??

I am sure others have setup OpenLDAP on alpha boxes.  The lack
of response is a good indication there wasn't enough information
in your enquiry to formulate a reasonable guess as to what the
problem is.  You need to help people help you by providing
enough details for them to make reasonable suggestions.

In reviewing your original post, the only thing I can suggest
is to review your configuration to ensure you have properly
installed required software.  In particular, make sure you
have properly installed and tested Sleepycat BerkeleyDB
2.7.5 (or later).


At 01:52 PM 9/9/99 +0200, Sven Veckes wrote:
>did anyone do this right now??
>A few days ago I post a message about an errormessage of 'slapd'!
>ANy ideas ??
>Best regards