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Re: ldbmcat core dumping

You might check out ITS#211.  The issue is still under review.
You are also encouraged to submit details of the crash as an
ITS.  Besure to provide appropriate platform/compiler/database
details AND a backtrace from the core dump.


At 03:42 PM 9/8/99 -0500, Amy Tebbe wrote:
>I'm trying to add some indexes to my ldap database.  From the
>docs I understand I need to run ldbmcat to create an ldif file, then
>fun ldif2index to create the new indexes.  However, ldbmcat core
>dumps.  Here's what I'm doing:
>ldbmcat id2entry.dbb > ldif
>When I look at the contents of the ldif file, it has about 250 entries.
>The last is a partial entry that looks like this:
>dn: cn
>It core dumps on this entry each time.
>My database is the result of running the migration tools
>(migrate_all_offline.sh) on my /etc files.  I have not added
>or removed any entries since running the scripts.  The database
>itself seems to work fine - searches and modifies work successfully.
>Could the migration scripts be creating some entries in a format
>that ldbmcat does not understand?  For instance, I see many dn 
>contain the + sign.  Here's an example:
>dn: cn=prospero+ipServiceProtocol=tcp,ou=Services,dc=real-time,dc=com
>objectClass: ipService
>objectClass: top
>ipServicePort: 191
>ipServiceProtocol: tcp
>cn: prospero
>1. What could be causing this?
>2. Is there any way to do an ldapsearch by indexid to determine which
>record it's core dumping on?
>Thanks for your help.
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