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Re: ldapsearch -D?

Hi Kurt,

I don't want to waist any more of your time with trivial emails, so can you point
me in the right direction for a good book and URL resource for OpenLDAP.  I have
been searching the web for a week now and find lots of 1996,1997
documents/guides/etc.  Very difficult to know what is version 2 and what is
version 3 and a lot of the information is not concise.  I have a reasonable
understanding of what can be achieved.  I have been fumbling my way through
stuff.  I am after good technical implementation information.  I looked at a
couple of books but they seemed to be rapped around and advocating Netscape
Directory Server.  At some point I may be able to contribute but for now I need
to be brought up to speed.  So if you can point me in the direction of "must
reads" I would really appreciate it.


"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> At 11:19 AM 8/2/99 -0600, Geoff Hibble wrote:
> >Kurt, I had a similar problem I posted earlier.  Does that mean my problem is
> >that in 1.2 you can only bind as the administrator?
> no.
> >      ldap_bind: Invalid credentials
> This means that the supplied credentials did not match what was in
> the directory.
> >      access to attr=userPassword
> >         by self write
> >         by * compare
> ACLs, under 1.x, do not effect bind operations in anyway.
> >If I bind as ROOTDN, "cn=root,dc=adevice,dc=com" and ROOTPW,  it works fine.
> >What am I doing wrong?
> You are likely storing the password in an improper form or the
> selected hash is not available.