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Re: ldapsearch -D?

Hello All,

if I set my acl to;

access to dn=".*,ou=OrgUnit,o=OrgName,c=US"
by self write
by dn=".*,ou=OrgUnit,o=OrgName,c=US" search
by * none

& use ldapsearch as;

ldapsearch -b "cn=My Name,ou=OrgUnit,o=OrgName,c=US" -D "cn=My Name,ou=OrgUnit,o=OrgName,c=US" -w "mypwd" objectclass=*

it returns;

ldap_bind: Partial results and referral received
       matched: ""
       additional info: Referral:

& if I change my acl to;

access to *
by self write
by dn=".*,ou=Development,o=Zoomtown.com,c=US" search
by * none

it sometimes returns the same message as above or it will return;

ldap_bind: Insufficient access
       matched: ""
       additional info:

Has anyone seen the same set of behaviour?  Can't seem to figure this out.

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