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Re: ldapsearch -D?

At 12:39 PM 8/2/99 -0600, Geoff Hibble wrote:
>I don't want to waist any more of your time with trivial emails, so can you point
>me in the right direction for a good book and URL resource for OpenLDAP.

Well, for starters, there is FAQ (http://www.openldap.org/faq/) and the
mailing list archives (http://www.openldap.org/lists/).  If you don't
find what you need there, post to this list.  That's want it is for.

>I have been searching the web for a week now and find lots of 1996,1997

For OpenLDAP 1.x, the best guide is the old U-Mich guide.

Note: we have a effort underway to rewrite the guide.  We need help.
Volunteers writers and editors are encourged to contact

>Very difficult to know what is version 2 and what is version 3
>and a lot of the information is not concise.

I assume you are referring to protocol versions.  OpenLDAP 1.x
implements LDAPv2+.  OpenLDAP 2.x implements LDAPv3 (and LDAPv2+).

>So if you can point me in the direction of "must
>reads" I would really appreciate it.

I believe the U-Mich guide is a must read as it does contain a good
deal of useful information.  I also recommend that new users browse
the FAQ and list archives before they actually have questions.