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Re: Problems with set up and connection...?

"Johan T. Lindgren" wrote:
> > You are reading the U-Mich reference manual.  OpenLDAP has a
> > complete different build/install environment which is documented
> > in the 'INSTALL' file within the distribution.
>         Ok, I see... How come there are references to it in all the man pages
> then?

Because it's generally useful in the context it was referenced in (configuration
and use of specific components).  You'll note that the guide is NOT
referenced in the our package README or INSTALL documents.

BTW, you're more than welcome to contribute to our documentation efforts.

> > --enable-DLDAP_DEBUG is meaningless to configure and hence should
> > not be included on the configure command line.
>         Ok, I won't include it next time. Is --enable-debug enough or do I not
> have to do that either?

--enable-debug is the default.  Specifying it on the command line is redundant.
>         Eh, uh, where can I find the 1.2.1 server? On OpenLDAP downloads there
> is only 1.2 as far as I can see.

The latest is release 1.2 patch 1 (or 1.2.1).  1.2 refers release, not to the
specific patch level (1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.2.2).  Can be confusing... I've removed
the reference to 1.2 from our download page.