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Sure. Now we are working on the ITS bugs. And if you have any other immediate requirements on JLDAP to work upon, please let me know. 


>>> On Thu, Dec 6, 2007 at  9:17 AM, in message <475770B4.8030203@jonanddeb.net>,
Jon Roberts <jon@jonanddeb.net> wrote: 
> Marc Boorshtein wrote:
>> I'm glad to hear it.  That sounds great.  I look forward to working
>> with Novell on this.
>> Marc
> +1. My time is limited (whose isn't?), but I'll have some before the new 
> year. I'll be happy to try and address the bugs or features you would 
> like to pass off first. Feel free to contact me off-list whenever. Also, 
> I live about 40 minutes from Novell HQ in Provo if that would ever be handy.
> Thanks for the positive response. I look forward to working together.
> Jon Roberts
> www.mentata.com
>>>1. We've started working on the pending ITS bugs and we'll try to resolve as 
> many issues as possible quickly.
>>>2. We'll start participating in the mailing lists actively.
>>>3. Regarding the enhancements and the deprecated JLDAP classes, I won't 
> commit any date. But we'll start working on that as well and it would be 
> great if other JLDAP developers like Marc and Jon too work together in a 
> collaborative model.