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There have been a lot of opinions on Novell being not committed to the JLDAP project off late and there have been not much of contribution from Novell either. I understand these and as I told earlier the problem is from our side in not monitoring / participating much in the forums or bugs.

Not to justify our mistakes, but to inform you the fact that jldap has been contributed long back to the community, there has been a lot of ownership changes (in fact a lot of geographical changes) in between and we guys who work on LDAP SDK projects also work on various other projects as well and hence not able to focus much here. These were also the reasons for the issue. Please understand that I'm not trying to make excuses.

However, leaving the past beside, I can assure the following from now on:

1. We've started working on the pending ITS bugs and we'll try to resolve as many issues as possible quickly.
2. We'll start participating in the mailing lists actively.
3. Regarding the enhancements and the deprecated JLDAP classes, I won't commit any date. But we'll start working on that as well and it would be great if other JLDAP developers like Marc and Jon too work together in a collaborative model.

Please share your thoughts on these and let me know, if I'm erring anywhere or I missed out something.