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Marc Boorshtein wrote:
I'm glad to hear it.  That sounds great.  I look forward to working
with Novell on this.


+1. My time is limited (whose isn't?), but I'll have some before the new year. I'll be happy to try and address the bugs or features you would like to pass off first. Feel free to contact me off-list whenever. Also, I live about 40 minutes from Novell HQ in Provo if that would ever be handy.

Thanks for the positive response. I look forward to working together.

Jon Roberts

1. We've started working on the pending ITS bugs and we'll try to resolve as many issues as possible quickly.
2. We'll start participating in the mailing lists actively.
3. Regarding the enhancements and the deprecated JLDAP classes, I won't commit any date. But we'll start working on that as well and it would be great if other JLDAP developers like Marc and Jon too work together in a collaborative model.